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Thomson Precision Balls

Thomson Precision Balls has over 60 years as a leader in supplying standard precision balls, precision ball bearings and unique stainless steel balls for specific applications. Why Thomson Precision Balls? Three answers: our variety of precision ball types, our precision ball bearings technologies and our quality stainless steel ball materials.

Types of Thomson Precision Ball design would include:

  • Distinctively shaped precision balls including flat, diagonally cut, cone- and pin-shaped typically used as hardened polishing and shaping tools.
  • A drilled precision ball bearings solution with a full range of sizes, hole depths (including thru-hole), diameters and materials.
  • Coated precision stainless steel balls add layers to enhance certain physical properties including hardness, corrosion resistance, noise suppression and electrical features.
  • Hollow precision balls are most needed in applications where weight sensitivity is critical.

Types of Thomson Precision Ball Bearings and Stainless Steel Ball technologies that enhance our quality include:

  • A2LA accredited calibration lab offers effective, efficient and accurate calibrations to assure form regularities in our precision balls.
  • Custom value added in our subassemblies including complete stainless steel balls solution offerings. We have extensive in-house tool room capabilities and offer rapid stainless steel ball prototyping.
  • Stainless steel ball transfers are typically used to assist the transport of various items and can be found in material handling systems.
  • All precision balls and stainless steel balls are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ANSI/ABMA Std. 10-1989).
  • QA-9000 certified and ISO 9002 registered.

Types of Thomson Precision Ball materials include (most common):

  • Vacuum-degassed Chrome stainless steel balls (AISI E52100) feature fine surface finish, through-hardness and high load capacity – excellent in consumable electrode vacuum melt material.
  • Stainless Steel ball (AISI Type 440C) offers the greatest hardness and surface finish and is available in double-vacuum-melted materials.
  • Stainless Steel balls (AISI Type 302/316) feature non-annealed hardness, uniform throughout (as measured on parallel flats) and is typically Rockwell “C” 25 to 39†. Annealed hardness Rockwell “B” 75 to 90† available.


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