Pneumatic To Electric


At Thomson, we offer a wide variety of actuators and actuator systems with stroke lengths and load forces to accommodate a broad range of application needs.  In combination with our selection of AC and DC controls and various motor transmission combinations, our actuators are designed for the best and most reliable quality performance for high and low power, industrial and precision applications.

Hydraulic to Electric: Industrial Actuators

Hydraulic to Electric: Industrial Actuators

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Al Wroblaski, Thomson Linear Actuator Product Line Manager, demonstrates the advantages of Industrial Linear Actuators over hydraulic systems. He discusses issues such as contamination, temperature, safety, economy, maintenance, integration and system size. Also included is a demonstration of application data acquisition techniques and their use in optimizing customer applications.

Linear Actuators

Designed in compact housings to fit in the most confined areas, Thomson linear actuators are rugged, durable, and ideal anywhere you want to lift, lower, push, pull, rotate or position a load. Electrification provides for cleaner, healthier environmental solutions to that of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders... Learn more about Linear Actuators >

Precision Linear Actuators

Designed to deliver high performance in applications requiring continuous duty operation, Thomson precision linear actuators provide the highest thrust and speed.  These features allow you to design more compact machinery with maximum throughput. An excellent alternative to fluid power solutions... Learn more about Precision Linear Actuators >

Worm Gear Screw Jacks

Thomson sets new standards of precision and engineering with its MULI® and JUMBO® screw jack products.  To fit just about any application need, these products come in both ball or trapezoidal screw versions.  Designed with the aid of state-of-the art CAD and CAE systems and manufactured on... Learn more about Worm Gear Screw Jacks >