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Why Motorized Lead Screws?

New motorized lead screws from Thomson combine a hybrid stepper motor and a precision lead screw together in one compact envelope. They offer increased torque density, improved efficiency, rapid prototyping / field serviceability, and reduced operating noise

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Talk to a Thomson engineer about how Motorized Lead Screws can revolutionize your application, and boost your productivity while reducing the energy footprint.

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Superior Technology

Motorized Lead Screws come in two basic configurations – rotating screw (S) and rotating nut (N). The rotating screw design features our patent pending Taper-Lock design to connect the lead screw to the motor shaft. The rotating nut design features our patent-pending integration of a lead nut into the motor rotor to maximize screw diameter.

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Competitive Analysis Comparison

Compare Thomson's Motorized Lead Screw to leading competitors. Thomson's innovative Taper-Lock technology only requires a single retention fastener, and the thrust-force and temperature comparisons will show the superiority of Motorized Lead Screws.

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