Smart Actuation on the Move

Whether it be for agricultural vehicles, marine vessels or public transportation, smart actuators are an excellent choice for a wide array of tasks. These help increase productivity and quality, improve safety and ergonomics, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

Combines Click to Open

smart actuation with farm combines
  • Electromechanical actuation is ideal for hard-to-reach places that may require complex control to function.
  • Integrated electronics allow you to drop in an actuator where a more complicated control scheme for hydraulics or air would have been previously.
  • Common applications include sieve leveling, auger tube fold, hood lift and grain bin cover.

Skid Steer Excavators Click to Open

smart actuation for skid steer operations
  • These utilize a quick-attach system to connect and disconnect multiple attachments to the front of the vehicle.
  • Reliable Thomson smart actuators integrate into the cab controls to provide the convenience of swapping attachments without having the operator exit the cab.
  • Position feedback allows the operator to confirm the implement (i.e. bucket) is securely locked before deploying the machine.

Marine Vessels Click to Open

smart actuation for marine vessels
  • Thomson smart actuators’ rating for IP67 (static), IP69K (static) and IP66 (static/dynamic) address the strict sealing capabilities required by electronics integration.
  • Corrosion resistant coatings and surface treatments prevent oxidation in high salinity environments.
  • Applications include seat adjustments, engine hatch and wakeboard tower automation, and throttle and shift actuation.

Public Transportation Click to Open

smart actuation for AGV vehicles
  • Smart actuation is more environmentally friendly and cost effective than hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Trains and buses using actuators for pantographs benefit from the robust construction to achieve long life in harsh environments.
  • Overload sense and confirmed position are vital to user safety.
  • Other public transit applications include door actuation, step leveling and gap control.