Linear Motion Systems

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Thomson has consolidated the most competitive and complementary products from each brand into the most advanced, most comprehensive product portfolio available today. The range covers the smallest and most compact linear motion systems to the biggest and most robust. Our wide range of guide and drive systems can be configured economically and can also work in harsh environments, at high speeds, and in high precision applications. Thomson is linear motion, optimized.

Ball Screw Units: Ball Guided

Ball screw driven, ball guided positioning slides by Thomson are designed for robust applications that demand high thrust and payloads with a need for high precision accuracy and stiffness.Learn more about Ball Screw Driven: Ball Guided Units >

Ball Screw Units: Slide Guided

Ball screw driven, slide guided positioning slides by Thomson are designed for high thrust applications with low cost restraints. They work well in demanding environments with optional washdown protections. Learn more about Ball Screw Driven: Slide Guided Units >

Belt Units: Ball Guided

Belt driven, ball guided positioning slides by Thomson are designed for smooth travel in dynamic applications requiring high speed, high acceleration. These families present a long life performance in the midst of acceleration rates up to 40m/sec2.Learn more about Belt Driven: Ball Guided Units >

Belt Units: Slide Guided

Thomson's belt driven, slide guided positioning units are perfectly suited for dynamic applications requiring high speed, high acceleration, low maintenance and smooth travel. These low cost guide systems optionally adapt to harsh chemical environments.Learn more about Belt Driven: Slide Guided Units >

Belt Units: Wheel Guided

Thomson's belt driven, wheel guided products are designed for dynamic applications demanding high speed, high acceleration but requiring smooth motion with medium to high loads.Learn more about Belt Driven: Wheel Guided Units >

Linear Lifting Units

Thomson's linear lifting units are designed as their name described, lifting loads. These products are capable of multiple unit combinations for applications requiring X-Y axis.Learn more about Linear Lifting Units >

Linear Rod Units

WZ60/80 (VARIOLine) linear rod units are designed for handling applications needing increased lateral forces.  As a fully integrated linear ball screw drive with a ball bearing guide system, a ram-type piston is used as the transmission of the feed force.  High screw leads make it possible to combine high speed and high precision motion. Learn more about WZ (VARIOLine) >

Handling Components

Thomson's material handling units are designed for manual, motorized, and automated equipment use in all kinds of industrial applications. Any of these products can be used in conjunction with one another and are also designed to work with MovoZ telescopic linear lifting units.  Based on extruded anodized aluminium profiles, these products are light, easy to install, and resistant against chemical corrosion. Being modular in concept with a wide range of accessories, the units can be combined to form just about any system handling need. This makes reconfiguration simple and easy.Learn more about Handling Components >