Thomson Lifting Columns

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Thomson Lifting Columns are designed with the same care and expertise as Thomson's industry-leading series of linear actuators. During the development process, our focus was on space saving, modern design, high performance, and safe operation. Along with our maintenance free life, easy installation, and light weight envelope, these lifting columns are a first choice for domestic, medical, and work place applications. 

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VIDEO: Synchronizing Multiple Lifting Columns

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Thomson introduces the benefits of synchronizing multiple lifting columns using a single control device.  This video shows how to zero-out the encoder feedback devices on all columns - even with offset loading.  Can be used in applications such as large ergonomic workstations or medical table beds.

Lifting Columns: Medical-Ergonomic Applications

VIDEO: Lifting Columns: Medical-Ergonomic Apps

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Kyle Thomson, Lifting Columns Product Line Manager, discusses various medical and ergonomic applications for Thomson lifting columns and provides details on the many functionalities and benefits of column technology.  Also include is an interview with a leading manufacturing engineer from Videojet who shares how they integrated lifting columns into their manufacturing processes to increase employee safety.

Types of Medical and Ergonomic Automation Applications

Accessibility Equipment

  • Wheel chair lifts
  • Lifting aids
  • Handicap adaption

Adjustable Chairs

  • Dental chairs
  • Barber chairs
  • Make-up chairs

Hospital Equipment

  • X-ray machines
  • Operating tables
  • Beds & patient lifts


  • Adjustable desks
  • Workbenches
  • Tables & beds

Thomson Lifting Columns for Medical & Ergonomic Automation Applications

LC1600 Lifting Columns

Self supporting column, extruded anodized aluminum, light weight, quiet operation, high load...
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LC2000 Lifting Columns

Smooth, quiet operation, telescopic lead screw drive, high extension to retraction ratio, high...
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LC3000 Lifting Columns

Smooth, quiet operation, ball screw driven, high load torque capability, short retracted length...
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Thomson LC Series Lifting Columns

Model Comparison

LC1600 LC2000 LC3000
Description Two-piece extrusion with 1600 N loading capacity ideal for cost-sensitive applications where extension-to-retraction ratio is not as critical. Three-piece extrusion with 2000 N loading capacity and a telescoping leadscrew mechanism to provide an ideal extensionto- retraction ratio. Three-piece extrusion with ballscrew drive mechanism to allow for 3000 N loading capacity and high moment loading.
Screw type Trapezoidal Telescopic lead screw Ball screw
Weight Best Good Good
Quiet operation Best Good Good
Extension/retraction ratio Good Best Better
Minimum retracted length Good Best Better
Load capacity Good Better Best
Load torque capacity Good Good Best
Duty cycle Good Best Good
Speed Better Best Good
Mid Stroke Protection Yes No* No*

* Mid-stroke overload protection available with use of DCG Control.

Other Lifting Columns - Industrial Automation Applications

DMD Lifting Columns

Designed for industrial DC voltage applications, rugged, high load torque, robust, self supporting...
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DMA Lifting Columns

Designed for industrial AC voltage applications, strong, robust, acme or ball screw drive, rugged...
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