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Thomson's Linear Actuators offer best fits for a variety of applications. With both standard and customizable stroke lengths up to 915 mm (36 in), these families can provide full load forces as high as 6670 N (1500 lbf).  Available in both DC (12, 24, 36) and AC (115, 230, 400) voltage models, these actuators come optionally packaged with a wide selection of controls and accessories. For higher loads, longer strokes or other custom requirements, please contact the factory.


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Actuator Controls 435 KB Email
Linear Actuators 3101 KB Email
Linear Actuators 4028 KB Email
Linear Actuators 4005 KB Email
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WhisperTrak Electric Linear Actuators 1010 KB Email
AC-063 Actuator Control Installation 102 KB Email
AC-247 ELS Actuator Control Installation 134 KB Email
DCG Actuator Control Installation 109 KB Email
DCG Actuator Hand & Motor Control Installation 171 KB Email
Electrak 1 Series Installation & Operation Manual 1852 KB Email
Electrak 2 Series Installation & Operation Manual 677 KB Email
Electrak 5 Series Installation & Operation Manual 1538 KB Email
Electrak 5 Actuator Repair Kit Installation & Operation 680 KB Email
Electrak 10 Series Installation & Operation Manual 1050 KB Email
Electrak 10 Actuator Repair Kit Installation & Operation 607 KB Email
Electrak 100 Series Installation & Operation Manual 1725 KB Email
Electrak E150 Series Installation & Operation Manual 496 KB Email
Electrak 205 Series Installation & Operation Manual 1727 KB Email
Electrak 205 Actuator Repair Kit Installation & Operation 509 KB Email
Electrak HD Series Installation & Operation Actuator Manual 1825 KB Email
Electrak HD Series Installation & Operation Actuator Manual 1809 KB Email
Electrak HD Series Installation & Operation Actuator Manual 1817 KB Email
Electrak LA-FA-IA Installation Manual 376 KB Email
Electrak LA-FA-IA Installation Manual 282 KB Email
Electrak Marine "DM" Series Installation & Operation Manual 1518 KB Email
Electrak PPA-AC/DC Installation 138 KB Email
Electrak Throttle Installation and Operation Manual 697 KB Email
Electrak Throttle Installation and Operation Manual 698 KB Email
Electrak E050-Q050 Installation Manual 81 KB Email
LoadMaster 80 Actuator Installation 261 KB Email
Magnetic Sensor Installation 425 KB Email
Max Jac Electric Linear Actuator Installation Manual 404 KB Email
WhisperTrak Electric Linear Actuators Installation 474 KB Email
WhisperTrak Electric Linear Actuators Installation 474 KB Email
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Linear Actuators 2D/3D Interactive Models
Electrak Throttle Linear Actuators
Max Jac Heavy Duty Linear Actuators
DC Linear Actuators
AC Linear Actuators
Non-Driven Linear Actuators
Rodless Units Linear Actuators (Loadmaster LM80)
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