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Real applications, real performance.

Sometimes, the best way to see how either a round or profile rail assembly will work in your application is to see how well it works in others. We've assembled a few examples of how a variety of our linear guides and supporting products facilitate more precision and productivity in the workplace. Now, what can a little Thomson guidance do for you?

X-Y Printed Circuit Board Inspection - How Powerslide™ with Ball Bushing™ Bearings make optical inspections 20/20

Telescopic Laser Welding System - A TX reciprocating table and actuated ball screw assembly keeps sparks from flying

XY Drilling System - Aluminum gets the hole treatment from two complete, ready-to-use Thomson Powerslide™ Systems

Wire Winding - The Thomson Dual Shaft Rail System keeps the tension constant

Robotics Industry - Pick-n-place robot stays on top with the Superslide™ Linear Motion System

XYZ Pick and Place - A Thomson preassembled, pre-aligned system is programmed for success

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