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Linear Bearings & Other Linear Bearing Products

Thomson invented the linear ball bushing bearing over 60 years ago. We’ve been the recognized leader in linear bearing technology ever since. The widest range of linear bearings and accessories, all engineered for low friction and smooth, accurate straight-line motion – we satisfy strict requirements with the highest-performance linear bearings available. And, Thomson linear bearings used with Thomson 60 Case® Shafting boost shafting life by up to 50%.

Our linear bearing products are part of an unmatched portfolio of motion technologies available as components through to complete custom systems. As such we provide the optimal motion solution without technology bias. Performance is built into our entire line of linear bearing products:

  • Thomson Super Linear Ball Bushing® Bearing plates allow carriage machining, thanks to defined radius crowns for maximized self-alignment accuracy.
  • Our Super Smart Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings and pillow blocks use patented self-aligning, double-track linear bearing technology – which doubles the load carrying capacity and increases travel life by eight times.
  • Our Super Linear Ball Bushing Bearings and pillow blocks are our original self-aligning precision anti-friction linear bearings.
  • Our Precision Linear Ball Bushing Bearings meet highly specialized demands:
    1. ♦  Precision Steel linear bearings eliminate binding and chatter in high-temperature environments.
    2. ♦  Die Set ball bushing linear bearings are designed to fit the mounting holes of the punch holder in standard dies, resulting in less machine downtime and increased efficiency.
    3. ♦  MultiTrac® linear bearings boast a patented, multiple-track rigid design that minimizes deflection for accurate, precise positioning.
    4. ♦  Miniature Instrument linear bearings are made for high accuracy instrumentation applications where compact size is required, and for small mechanisms or devices that require high repeatability and responsiveness.
  • Specialty linear bearing solutions such as RoundWay linear rollers and FluoroNyliner bushings are for specific applications:
    1. ♦  RoundWay® linear bearings are a low-friction roller that offers high performance in highly contaminated environments.
    2. ♦  FluoroNyliner® bushing linear bearings are recommended for washdown, contamination or submerged environments.


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