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Linear Motion Systems | Linear Motion System Technologies

What makes Thomson's Linear Motion Systems superior?

Thomson’s linear motion systems cover a development span of 60 years. We know that many variables influence the selection of a linear motion system.

Our linear motion system drive technology incorporates two design types: ball or lead screw, and belt systems.

  • Screw-driven linear motion systems are desired for high thrust, stiffness and tight precision in high-load, moderate-speed applications.
  • Belt-drive linear motion systems are chosen when acceleration and speed are the most important criteria.

Our linear motion system guide technology offers three unique designs: high-precision ball guides, robust prism guides, and high-speed wheel guides.

  • The high-precision linear motion system ball guide comes in two design variations. The first features outstanding load-carrying performance, high accuracy and longer life expectancy. The second is based on a commercial style of ball guide, offering smooth and quiet travel with the highest precision.
  • The unique self-aligning prism guide design uses prism-shaped polymer bushings running directly on the anodized profile surface. The prism guides offers a cost efficient, smooth, reliable and maintenance-free guided linear motion system.
  • The wheel-guided design offers a perfect combination of stiffness and dynamics. With high load capacity and unmatched speed and acceleration, wheel guides is an excellent choice for a dynamic application.

Thomson’s components and technologies combine to meet virtually every linear motion system need. And our linear motion system products offer added features, such as contaminate cover bands, single or double (left/right moving) carriages, central lubrication, and single/multi-axis solutions. Thomson linear motion systems are categorized as follows:


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