Application Sizing Tool for PC Series Actuators
Fill in the yellow cells with your move details to determine the PC Series actuator solutions that are the best fit for your application.
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PC Series Solutions   Move Summary
      Lifetime Drive Max    Average speed
Type of unit Lifetime Lifetime Millions of torque speed   Top speed
  hours Years Cycles Nm rpm   Acceleration
PC25…B03   Duty cycle  
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Note:  Move profile of a basic 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 trapezoidal profile assumed for calculation purposes.    
    Pitch Max stroke Max rpm Max force Fx Max force Fy Max load torque Max drive torque Max M readymnt Cam  nut C ballbearing Calc speed rpm Acc Fx Fy Stroke idle torque idle torque Torque from load with acc Coupl Life ball bearing Life ball nut   Critical speed   Buckling Max S screw Buckling Max S tube   Summa   Lifetime Lifetime cycles    
OK   mm mm   N N Nm Nm Nm N N rpm OK OK OK OK OK Nm Nm Nm Nm OK h h   rpm OK mm mm OK OK   Years 10^6    
PC25…B03 10 4 1  
PC25…B10 10 4 2  
PC32…B04 25 9.2 3  
PC32…B10 25 9.2 4  
PC40…B05 25 24 5  
PC40…B10 25 24 6  
PC40…B20 25 24 7  
            1 Metric units mm N mm/s m/s²      
fm 2 Imperial units inch lbf inch /s inch/s²      
A 1 Typical application for lifting/lowering load  or constant force                    
B 0.8 Typical application for feeding. High force forward, low return                  
C 0.5 Typical application for pressing/cutting. High force at just one part of stroke Fx                  
D 0.7 Typical application for compression spring. Increasing force. Fy                  
          Stroke C14                            
          Avr. Speed   225                              
          Top speed I28 337                      
          Acc   1.01