Energy Cost Estimator
Compare Pneumatic and Electromechanical Solutions
Fill in the yellow cells with your application details to see whether you can save by replacing pneumatics with an electromechanical solution.
Blue cells contain calculations default values typical for industrial users.  To over-ride a default value, fill in the yellow cell underneath it.
About Your Application
Cylinder diameter 
  Cycles per minute  
Stroke    Working hours per day
Region or Country
  Working days per year
Currency     Default estimated cost for energy
Default exchange rate = 1 USD   Known cost for energy
Known exchange rate = 1 USD
(Use 0 for default)
  Default estimated cost for air
        Known cost for air
Pneumatic Solution   Electromechanical Solution
Air pressure    Default total efficieny factor h (mechanical unit, gear, motor, drive...)
Air volume   Known efficieny factor h (Use 0 for default)
Maximum force available   Force equal to pneumatic cylinder
        Known required force
        Rate of energy consumption Ws per minute
        Energy use estimate kWh per year
Pneumatic energy cost estimate   Electromechanical energy cost estimate
Estimator is intended for estimation purposes only and results are not guaranteed.
Pneumatic calculation is based on free air at normal atmospheric pressure, and does not include leakage.
Maintenance costs are not included in the calculation.
                        Currency rate    
                      United States    
                      Australia 1 Australia AUD 11.68 1.12    
                      Austria 2 Austria Euro 11.05 0.74    
                      Belgium 3 Belgium Euro 11.92 0.74  
                      Canada 4 Canada CAD 7.58 1.1    
                      China 5 China RMB 5.48 6.09    
                      Finland 6 Finland Euro 8.64 0.74    
                      France 7 France Euro 8.76 0.74    
                      Germany 8 Germany Euro 15.15 0.74    
                      Italy 9 Italy Euro 20.23 0.74    
                      Netherlands 10 Netherlands Euro 11.28 0.74    
                      Other country 11 Other country xxx    
                      Poland 12 Poland Euro 9.3 0.74    
                      Portugal 13 Portugal Euro 13.63 0.74    
                      South Africa 14 South Africa ZAR 9.13 10.87    
                      Spain 15 Spain Euro 13.52 0.74    
                      Sweden 16 Sweden SEK 7.95 6.56    
                      United Kingdom 17 United Kingdom GBP 12.45 0.61    
                      United States 18 United States USD 8.89 1    
                        1 inch   = mm      
                        1 lbf  = N      
                        1 cubic foot =      
                        1 psi  = bar      
                      inch 1 inch cubic feet/hour cubic feet lbf forward