Clutch, DL-33HICCW/SICW 24DC-LEADS.25B-PIN DR, Wrap Spring, DuraLIFE™ Clutch, DL-33, Cavi a uscita diretta, Ingresso per mozzo CCW/ingresso per albero CW Rotation, Ingresso per mozzo/ingresso per albero, 0.2505 / 0.2530 in Bore, 24 VCC, 30 in-lbs Coppia statica, Flying Leads

  • DuraLIFE Series clutches (DL) are electromechanical wrap spring clutches that combine high torque, reliability and rapid acceleration into one small package at a very competitive cost. It is offered in two configurations: headed coil or flying leads.
  • Wrap spring technology provides very fast response to bring loads up to speed in less than 3 milliseconds (after spring wrap-down and depending on rpm).
  • The DL-33 is a drop-in alternative for high cost clutches used in office automation applications such as printers and copiers.
  • The long life and reliable performance makes the DL-33 an ideal clutch for many packaging and automotive applications.
  • RoHS compliant


Unità di misuraValore
[C] Diametro interno del mozzo Ø, min./max.0.2505 / 0.2530 in 


Direzione di rotazioneIngresso per mozzo CCW/ingresso per albero CW 
InputIngresso per mozzo/ingresso per albero 
ModelCavi a uscita diretta 
Motion TypeStarting 
OptionFlying Leads 
Tensione24 VCC 
Weight0.22 lb


Coppia statica30 in-lbs
Coppia statica0.016 lb-in²
Giri/min max.1200 RPM

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