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Product Details


Waymount support blocks are a unique shaft support designed for use in RoundWay linear roller bearing applications.  The main benefit of using a Waymount Support Block is that it provides adjustment in both horizontal and vertical directions. Two or more Waymounts can be used to provide support and adjustment along the length of the shaft.


How does the Waymount work?  

The key feature is the Right Hand/Left Hand screw that goes through the “V” blocks. With this screw, half of the thread is in one direction, while the other half is in the opposite direction. Turning this screw moves the “V” blocks toward or away from each other.  As the “V” blocks move, the height of the shaft relative to the Waymount is adjusted.

Horizontal adjustment is accomplished by adjusting the jam nuts to slide the RH/LH bolt and the attached “v” blocks side to side

The bolt hole in the center is for mounting the Waymount onto the mounting surface.  This Mounting bolt is customer supplied.  The slot at the front is for attaching the shafting to the Waymount.  This bolt is supplied with the Waymount.

Waymount details

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