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Precision Linear Actuators

What makes a Thomson Precision Linear Actuator superior?

Precision linear actuators are ideal for positioning loads that are either externally guided and supported, or pivoting. These linear actuators also can do very well where there is a high concentration of airborne contaminants. Another excellent use of a precision linear actuator is in the replacement of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders where electric precision linear actuators bring many benefits compared to the traditional technologies.

How can a Precision Linear Actuator be most successfully used?

Precision linear actuators can successfully be used in handling, machining, medical and many other applications. The broad range of options makes it easy to find the perfect precision linear actuator for most applications. Chemical plants, paper mills, welding operations and outdoor applications are also suitable for precision linear actuators. IP65 protection, a robust design and the use of high-quality components make them suitable for almost every location. The hallmark for the entire range of precision linear actuators is the ability to work hard, fast, safe, clean and accurately, day in and day out, under the toughest conditions with virtually zero maintenance.

What makes electric Precision Linear Actuators better than hydraulic or pneumatic?

While precision linear actuators possess many of the same features that made hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders popular, electric precision linear actuators benefit from cleaner, simpler and more energy-efficient power transmission. Electric precision linear actuators are also much easier to integrate with modern programmable controls, have greater accuracy and are less noisy.

How are Thomson linear actuators different?

All Thomson precision linear actuators are designed to require a minimum of maintenance. There are no parts that need to be replaced due to wear. And, it is only in the most demanding applications where regular lubrication becomes necessary.

And, no one builds more custom precision linear actuators than Thomson. Do you need a special stroke, a unique mounting bracket or some other adaptation of the standard product? Contact us and we will be glad to help you to find the perfect precision linear actuator to your application.

PC-Series™ Precision Linear Actuators

Thomson PC Series electric actuators are designed to deliver superior performance while saving you time and money with easy product sizing and selection, quick and reliable installation, and reduced maintenance. Customize your solution and select from the longest stroke lengths available in the industry, and utilize a plug and play mounting solution that accommodates more than 600 motor types and sizes. The exceptional power density of the PC Series allows you to build a quieter, more compact machine.

PC Series precision linear actuator

T-Series Precision Linear Actuators

The proven design of the T series precision linear actuators has found its way into thousands of applications throughout the world. Precision-rolled ball screws provide smooth motion, accurate positioning and quiet operation while the slide guide bushings and the rugged exterior design allows it to be used in the thoughest applications. The T series combines durability, performance and ease-of-use with a large selection of factory-engineered options and accessories. Regardless of the environment or requirement, we can customize our standard models to fit just about any application.

T- series precision electrical actuator

ECT-Series Precision Linear Actuators

Thomson's ECT Series of Precision Linear Actuators are our highest performing line of electric cylinder systems. Designed for the most demanding applications, the ECT Series is ideal when powerful performance over a long life cycle is required. With a full complement of drive controls, accessories, options, and mounting types, these systems are adaptable to just about any application environment. As a better choice over hydraulic or pneumatic equivalents, the ECT Series are simpler to install, maintain, and control. This family comes in two different sizes mating our traditional T-Series T90 and T130 actuators with both AC servo and 3Φ AC induction motor configurations.

ECT Series Precision electronic actuators
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