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Warner General-Duty Linear Actuators

Warner General-Duty Linear Actuators

S-Track electric actuators are designed for better control and quieter operation in general duty applications, including medical, industrial, turf and garden, and recreational vehicles. They are available with basic control, which allows for 12 or 24 VDC switched power operation by turning power off to the motor automatically when the internal end limits are reached, or adjustable control, which also has the capability to stop at up to four different positions.

I-Track inline actuators are suited for applications needing a power-off releasing the rod into a float mode. This unit utilizes a ball screw and planetary drive for long life in a compact space.


S-Track Actuator Feature Highlights

  • The end limits are factory set to the maximum allowable stroke of the actuator.
  • The current and temperature of the motor are monitored at all times, and power will be removed from the motor when exceeded to protect components from failure.
  • Through the 8-pin molded connector there are several standard input and output features to monitor the operation of the actuator.
  • 0-10 VDC position output that follows linearly with the position of the actuator and is offered in many different voltages and currents.
  • End-of-stroke limit outputs indicate when the actuator reaches the fully retracted and extended positions.
  • Outputs can be set at the factory as active low or active high independently and are good for up to 1 amp.
  • Live power feature is available to maintain all off these output signals when switched power is off.
  • IP50 Standard or IP65 Dynamic, IP 69K Static Configurable.

S-Track Adjustable Control Feature Highlights:

  • Four adjustable stop positions using a simple four-button membrane keypad.
  • User can adjust Retract & Extend stops using membrane keypad. These values will be stored in permanent EEPROM memory for the life of the actuator.
  • Adjusted stop positions can also be erased at any time to go back to factory default.
  • Positional Accuracy, under no load conditions from the initial stop position setting is within 0.10 in. This will improve with loaded applications since there will be less coast.
  • Repeatability of hitting the same stop position every time is within .010 in.

S-Track Actuator Applications:

  • Indoor office equipment.
  • Medical.
  • Deck lifts.
  • Gate openers.



I-Track Actuator Feature Highlights:

  • Models available in 12VDC and 24VDC.
  • Loads up to 200 lbs thrust.
  • In-line design reduces base footprint.
  • Releasing clutch allows rod to float with clutch power-off. Clutch power is separate from motor power.
  • Clutch also acts as overload protection.
  • Motor thermal for added motor protection.
  • Optional potentiometer output scaled to stroke.
  • Can be driven by PWM (not supplied) controller to achieve multiple velocities.
  • Can be mounted at the body by trunnions (shoulder bolts) or as traditional clevis.
  • Rod end mounts are configurable.
  • Ball screw and nut for long life.
  • Operating temperatures (-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to +185°F).
  • Steel rod for durability.
  • Nitrile impregnated gaskets for superior sealing.
  • Black powder coat for 250-hour salt spray protection.
  • Nitrotec® coated steel components for 250-hour salt spray protection.
  • IP69K Static; IP66 Dynamic. Rod bellow will allow for temporary operation IP67 submersion.

I-Track Actuator Applications:

  • Throttle controls.
  • Mobility lifts for vehicles requiring manual operation in emergency situations.
  • Hydraulic flow controls.
  • Bus door operator.
  • Hatch lift applications.
  • Handicap van lifts.
  • Engine controls.
  • Emergency door (lock and unlock via VDC).

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