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LBRP Series Power-off Spring Set (Safety) Brakes

LBRP Series Power-off Spring Set (Safety) Brakes

Spring Set electromagnetic power-off brakes provide a safe, efficient means of stopping and/or holding a load in the absence of power. Custom manufactured for wheelchair and the handicap scooter industry, our LBRP series brakes have optional manual release handles and some models are available with micro switches. (To indicate whether the brake is released or engaged.) Our LBRP series power-off spring set brakes can be used as a stopping (emergency stopping) or holding brake (parking). These brakes are manufactured in low cost regions allowing the lowest prices available in the market. 


LBRP Series Highlights

  • Static Torque: 1 to 13 Nm (8.85 to 115 lb-in)
  • Diameter: 42 to 100 mm (1.65 to 3.938 in)
  • Bore size (Shaft Dia.): 6 to 12 mm (0.236 to 0.472 in)
  • Assembly and all components meet EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
  • Plated steel surfaces to withstand corrosion
  • Tough, durable long-wearing friction materials
  • Anti-Rattle feature
  • Operating speeds up to 3600 RPM

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