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Precision Plus Ground Inch Ball Screws

Precision Plus Ground Inch Ball Screws

Thomson Precision Plus Ground Ball Screw Assemblies provide the positioning accuracy and repeatability required for the most stringent positioning applications.  They are designed and manufactured to provide 8 times the lead accuracy of conventional ball screws (±.0005 in/ft), and provide consistent, zero-backlash, preload for high repeatability.  All ball nuts feature an integral flange for optimal precision and mounting ease, and specially designed seals/wipers that provide superior lubricant retention while keeping out harmful contaminants.


Precision Plus Ground Specifications (Inch Units):

Lead (inch) 
0.200 0.250 0.500
0.631 X  
0.750 X    
0.875 X    
1.000 X X  
1.150 X    
1.250 X   X
1.500 X X X
1.750 X    
2.000 X    
2.250     X
2.500   X  

Precision Plus Ground Highlights:

  • Eight times the lead accuracy of conventional precision ball screws 
  • Gothic arch ball groove geometry that extends service life, reduces lash, and optimizes stiffness in preloaded assemblies
  • Standard and custom machined ends available  
  • Integral wipers and flanges for system cleanliness and mounting ease
  • Optimum efficiency and cost-savings when replacing expensive hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Non-standard lengths available
  • Predictable service life allowing for the most reliable system designs
  • Zero-lash, high stiffness preloaded design provides positioning accuracy and repeatability for machine tools, robots, material handling systems, electronic component insertion systems and more

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Precision Plus Ground Ball Screws (Inch)
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