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Principle of Operation:

Thomson's Motioneering Toolbar provides easy access to commonly-needed engineering utilities for motion and machine design professionals.   Operation is simple for the user who needs to convert a number from one set of units to another, calculate the inertia of a common shape, determine the density of a material in a particular unit, or look up a common trigonometric or calculus function (see features below). A single click on the appropriate utility in the Motioneering Toolbar provides access to these conversion functions. Once the Motioneering Toolbar application is opened, the application will remain active and available through the SysTray. Closing the Motioneering Toolbar will hide the Toolbar, but will not exit the application. To bring the Motioneering Toolbar back to view, click the SysTray icon.  

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Inertia Calculator

inertia calculator

Units Calculator

units calculator

Material Densities Table

material density

Toolbar Features

  • Unit conversion
  • 28 parameters, hundreds of units
  • Inertia calculations
  • Cylinder
  • Densities of materials - broad selection of materials and elements
  • Parallelepiped
  • Spherical shell
  • Sphere
  • Slender rod
  • Tetrahedron
  • Trigonometric and calculus reference

Motioneering Toolbar System Requirements

  • Pentium 90MHz or higher IBM PC or compatible
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • 32 MB RAM
  • VGA or better graphics card
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