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Thomson Configurable Models

Easily integrate Thomson linear bearings and shafting into your CAD library with Thomson configurable models.

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New Thomson configurable models allow you to add multiple-sized linear bearings to a single, downloadable file that is easy to integrate into your library of CAD parts. Combined with a shafting configurable model, which allows for accompanying shafting at different lengths, you can quickly create a linear bearing system without having to download multiple configurations for each of your designs.

Configurable models provide load capacity, pricing, lead time and model numbers that can easily be transferred to the overall bill of materials.


We know engineers go through many design changes and iterations over the course of a project. If a tool load changes or a payload increases, simply use the configurator drop-down to select a larger bearing size, and the 3D model instantly updates. The maximum load capacity of the bearing is listed on the configurator screen along with price and lead time. If additional information is needed, the Thomson part number is easily searchable at


Drop-down menu for bearing configurable model

Drop-down menu for bearing configurable model

Drop-down menu for shafting configurable model

Drop-down menu for shafting configurable model


Once you download the file, you can incorporate it in your CAD file through drag-and-drop, or add the file to your Design Library (Design Library>Add File Location>(click on Smart Models folder).


CAD file screenshot

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