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Thomson Delivers Elegant Solution to Difficult Design Challenge

Team 4 Element, a team of high school students from Van Nuys, CA, have designed, manufactured and assembled a robot climber to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition’s 2013 Ultimate Ascent™ game.

The robot utilizes Thomson MTS Flange Mount Supernuts® with stainless steel lead screws to drive the entire robot climber, with the goal of climbing a 10 foot tall pyramid in less than five seconds.

Learn more about the competition, the robot and its design – and consider how Thomson can help you configure the optimal solution for your application.

Are Thomson Electrak® Linear Actuators really maintenance free?

SOLUTION: Once installed, Electrak actuators do not need to be re-lubricated or adjusted and provide true maintenance-free operation.


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Optimize Machine Performance with NEW Linear MOTIONEERING®: Linear Guide Components

Do you need help selecting the right linear guide for your machine? With Linear MOTIONEERING®: Linear Guide Components, Thomson can help!

The latest addition to our robust family of Linear MOTIONEERING and other design tools, Linear MOTIONEERING: Linear Guide Components enables OEM and factory automation users to optimize machine design and performance by identifying the optimal configuration of Round or Square Rail linear guide components.

You can also get a complete orderable bill of materials, customized 3D models of the entire assembly of components, a printable application / solution data sheet and a quote – all to help you simplify and speed the design process.

Electric Linear Actuators Deliver More Functionality in a Wide Range of MOH Applications

Don’t fall prey to the “because we’ve always done it that way” notion that pneumatics and hydraulics are the way to go in mobile off highway applications.

Electric linear actuators are proven in a huge range of MOH machines and vehicles, including construction, road maintenance, recreation, farming and more.

And their machine functions are equally broad, including automated motion and processes, remote control and a wide range of safety operations.

Learn how Thomson electric linear actuators could revolutionize the design of your next MOH machine, and give you a distinct competitive advantage that resonates with your customers.

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