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Specifying a Ball Screw? You May Need to Know the Equivalent Operating Load

Many engineers use the nominal operating load when calculating the life of a ball screw.

In relatively straightforward applications that works - but in extraordinary applications it is important to determine the equivalent operating load. Among other considerations, the equivalent operating load factors in significant loads and forces that result from impact, shock, extreme acceleration or deceleration and externally applied loads.  Miscalculations or incorrect selection of material can cause expensive retrofits or even worse catastrophic failures

Learn how to determine the equivalent operating load here - then read Selecting and Sizing Ball Screw Drives (Power Transmission Engineering, October 2012) to get the big picture on selecting the optimal ball screw for your application.

What might cause premature ball screw failure?

SOLUTION: Premature failure is most often caused by one of the following:

  • Misalignment – Misalignment of the ball nut to screw which results in side loading or eccentric loading. This may cause the bearing balls to split or get “flats” on them, and the bearing may even break out of the tube.
  • Debris - Metal chips or dirt in the ball nut will not allow the bearings free circulation, and the bearing balls may get flats on them because of skidding and spalling.
  • Lack of lubrication - Proper lubrication will help dissipate heat and reduce metal-to-metal component wear.
  • Excessive speed – Exceeding the ball nut critical speed can break pickup fingers off, causing the balls to come out of the nut. Exceeding the screw critical speed will cause the screw to whip or vibrate and cause misalignment. Shaft speeds resulting in screw surface speeds above 8,000 IPM will reduce rated life.


Linear Units 103: Applications and Selection via Decision Tree
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Kyle Thompson, Product Line Manager - Systems Group, will break down the selection process into an easy-to-follow process that will simplify your selection of linear units.

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