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TCP Tooth Clutches & Brakes

TCP Tooth Clutches & Brakes

When used in either static or low speed engagement applications, tooth clutches and clutch couplings provide an efficient, positive, switchable link between a motor and load on in-line or parallel shafts. While the field (electromagnet) assembly is prevented from rotating by a fixed flange, the rotor is generally attached to the input shaft. The armature assembly is securely mounted to either an in-line load shaft or a parallel shaft by means of pulleys or gears. When the coil is energized, the tooth profile of the armature positively engages the tooth profile of the rotor, coupling the two in-line or parallel shafts, thus driving the load. Tooth brakes (not shown) provide an efficient, positive, switchable means of either holding a load or decelerating a load from a slow speed, generally 20 RPM or less. Utilizing the same principle as the tooth clutch, these brakes can be used to effectively hold a load in position. Available in power-on or power-off models, tooth brakes are ideal for applications requiring very high torque in tight places. 


  • Torque: up to 250 lb-in (28.2 Nm)
  • Diameter: 2.13 in (54.1 mm)
  • Positive engagement, indexing capability
  • Highest torque density
  • Power-on and power-off
  • Zero wear at speed when not engaged
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