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Rugged Duty Linear Actuators

Warner Rugged-Duty Linear Actuators

B-Track electric actuators incorporate a patented in-line load transfer design which provides high load capability for rugged-duty use, efficient power use, compact package size, excellent corrosion and washdown protection, and high performance synthetic lubrication for life, all at an affordable price. Select models feature a ball nut screw for up to a 4,000 lb. load capacity and a bi-directional wrap spring brake for load holding capability.

The B-Track Jack Stand actuator incorporates a large diameter extension rod, providing maximum offset load capability, while B-Track Power Lift models are modified K2 or K2x actuators without the external cover tube. This allows the Power Lift actuator features to be integrated into a variety of customer-designed structures where a cover tube is not needed.


B-Track Actuator Feature Highlights:

  • Protective coatings and O-ring seals throughout.
  • Patented in-line load system.
  • Hybrid Acme style nut and screw design, no brake needed.
  • Ball detent overload clutch.
  • Stroke lengths up to 24 in. (600 mm).
  • Load capacities up to 2,800 lbs. (12,455 N).
  • Speeds up to 2.7 in. (68.58 mm)/sec travel.
  • Thermal overload incorporated into the motor.
  • Heavy wall construction.
  • Double ball bearing motors.
  • Heat treated gears.
  • Rugged extension rod bearing support.
  • Optional 90 vdc motor for use with SBC-AC control (IP54).
  • Custom mounting options available.



B-Track Actuator Applications:

  • Heavy duty platform and engine lifts.
  • Deck and implement lifts for tractors and mobile applications.
  • Table positioning.
  • Wheelchair and scooter lifts.
  • Bin and tank cover lifts.
  • Table positioning.
  • Flow gate open/close.
  • Ergonomic lift tables.
  • Roof vents.
  • Conveyor diverters.
  • Bin/tank cover lifts.
  • Paving equipment.
  • Spray booms.
  • Scissor and dump box lifts.


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