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Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Thomson has a long history of manufacturing quality in electromagnetic clutches and brakes. Today our electromagnetic clutches and brakes are working in applications specific to factory automation, material handling, automotive, aviation, defense, aerospace, medical, office machine, robotics and servo-motor manufacturing industries. These products are the foundation of the broad range of standard and custom electromagnetic clutch and brake products currently available to our customers.

Thomson offers two design types of electromagnetic clutches and brakes technologies:

Genuine Wrap Spring electromagnetic brakes consist of three basic elements: input hub, output hub and spring. The spring inside diameter is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the input and output hubs. When the spring is forced over the two hubs, rotation in one direction wraps it down tightly on the hubs, positively engaging them together. The greater the force of rotation, the tighter the electromagnetic brake spring grips the hubs. Thomson offers the following combinations of electromagnetic brake wrap spring designs:

  • Genuine Wrap Spring clutch and brake packages (CB Series) accurately start and stop loads driven by a continuously rotating power source.
  • Genuine Wrap Spring clutches come in a variety of styles including solenoid- and pneumatic-actuated (SAC Series), solenoid-actuated accumulating conveyor (ACCM Series), and mechanically-actuated (PSI Series
  • Genuine Wrap Spring custom engineered electromagnetic brakes are specially designed to solve specific and unique application requirements.

Friction Electromagnetic clutches and brakes connect a rotating or stationary input to an output load. In general, the exultation of an electromagnetic field coil causes interaction between a rotating or stationary field assembly (input) with a load (output) via a pulley, gear, or stationary mount. Electromagnetic clutches provide an efficient, electrically switchable link between a motor and a load. Electromagnetic brakes use similar designs to provide an efficient, switchable means of stopping and/or holding the load. Under this fundamental design, Thomson offers a variety of electromagnetic clutch solutions to meet almost any application:

  • Power-On electromagnetic clutches and brakes (CS, CF, TC, BF Series) operate at 12, 24, 90 VDC.
  • Power-Off electromagnetic brakes come in a variety of designs (BRP, SB, AKB, PMB Series and others) and operate at 12, 24, 90 VDC.
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