Clutches and Brakes

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Thomson has a long history of manufacturing quality clutches and brakes. Our roots are firmly planted in over 100 years of manufacturing experience.  Today, our clutch and brake products are working in a wide range of applications specific to factory, automation, material handling, automotive, aviation, defense, aerospace, medical, office machine, robotics and servo motor manufacturing industries. These products set the solid foundation for the broad range of standard and custom products currently available for our customers.

Clutches/Brakes vs. Servo Systems

VIDEO: Clutches/Brakes vs. Servo Systems

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John Pieri, Thomson Brake/Clutch Product Line Manager, demonstrates the advantages of using wrap-spring brakes and clutches with certain speeds and inertia loads as compared to higher-priced and complex electromechanical servo systems.  Check out the performance comparisons, maintenance advantages, and tremendous cost savings of using Thomson brakes and clutches.

Clutches, Brakes, and Gearhead

VIDEO: Clutches, Brakes, and Gearheads

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John Pieri, Thomson Brake/Clutch Product Line Manager, describes friction and wrap spring clutches and their various applications as industry solutions. He covers how and when to apply friction clutches in certain situations while wrap spring clutches in others.  Also included in the discussion is a description of gearheads and their functionality in application design.

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Wrap Spring Products

The Genuine Wrap Spring clutches and brakes provide hundreds of simple motion processes that can be controlled through three basic control functions: overrunning, start-stop, and single revolution. The basic wrap spring clutch consists of three elements: an input hub, an output hub, and a spring whose inside diameter is...Learn more about Wrap Spring Products >

Friction Brakes

Thomson’s electromagnetic friction clutches and brakes provide efficient, electrically switchable operation between a motor and a load. Clutches link the motor to the load by coupling two parallel shafts through the use of pulleys, gears or sheaves. Power-on and Power-off (either spring-set or permanent magnet design) brakes provide…Learn more about Friction Products >