Linear Actuator Controls

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Whether you plan to operate from a simple pushbutton or a programmable controller, Thomson controls can make your system easy to design, install, and operate. Designed to drive actuators, the controls are equipped either with easy to use terminal strips or plugs compatible with the actuators for ease of wiring. A variety of control features include built-in capacitors for AC models, rocker switches, touch sensitive membrane keypads, hand-held pendants and more...

DPDT Switches

Most Thomson actuators require at a minimum the use of a double-pole double-throw remote switch.  To better assist our customers, we provide two versions of a DPDT switch (with or without enclosure) to work directly with our actuator units.  Mounting bracket and wiring diagram label are included.Learn more about DPDT Switches >

MCS Controls

For those who need more than pushbutton control, Thomson offers a full line of MCS actuator control units.  From simple to complex control, these units offer a variety of features with both DC and AC voltage outputs, rocker switches, membrane switches, and LED indication lights.

Learn more about MCS Controls >

DCG Controls

Thomson now offers a small, lightweight line of 24 VDC units in its DCG family of controls.  The DCG controls feature built-in Electronic Limit Switches (ELS) to stop actuator movement automatically at a mid-stroke stall point and end of the stroke.  Additionally, synchronous operation of some actuators equipped with encoders is possible.Learn more about DCG Controls >

AC-247 ELS Controls

Compact, robust, and lightweight, the AC-247 ELS control can provide outputs of either 12 or 24 VDC.  These controls feature built-in Electronic Limit Switches (ELS) to stop actuator movement automatically at a mid-stroke stall point and the end of the stroke.Learn more about AC-247 ELS Controls >

AC-063 Controls

Thomson offers the AC-063 control for use with its Electrak PPA, Electrak 10, and DMD actuators.  Rugged and robust in design while operating under the hardest of conditions with a tough plastic enclosure.  Variations include AC or DC inputs, with or without limit switch inputs, and with or without control pendants.Learn more about AC-063 Controls >